I’m hurting

I’m hurting

I have had the worst abuse that I have ever had in regards to abuse by a woman for approximately 3 1/2 years off and on due to a narcissistic attitude.  This behaviour has caused a lot of hurt in me and I’m afraid to go to sleep. The woman has gone from a deceitful woman to being rude, hateful & threats with a razor knife but she says I wouldn’t do that to you. But she did and from what I know it’s the friends she hangs out with, they
are provoking her. I just now had to call the local police cause she convinced her husband I’m lying. I was a kind respectful man plus a man of God but I have gotten involved with her of really stupid stuff. Now she’s having an affair with my neighbour.  She has had him harass me day and night. I’m disabled plus did 2 terms in prison and I believe she is trying to put me back. Very evil woman,  I’m disturbed,  I’m hurting hard to feel worthy to do anything.

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