Has anyone witnessed this?

Has anyone witnessed this?

I find it extremely perplexing that a Narcissist lacks any empathy and is colder than an iceberg but instantly melts at the sight of an animal suffering and offers all empathy and emotional support!  Has anyone witnessed this?  How can this be explained?  One can make that case for sadism where the Narcissist is cold ‘on purpose’ towards their victim and is fully aware of his act as apposed to not being aware of their unfortunate deficit.


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  1. I read on line today that a narcissist doesn’t know he’s hurting his victim but sociopath does and doesn’t care. From what I read they are so close in symptoms. But yes, I have witnessed this personally. My ex husband would be cruel to me but show empathy towards other people and animals. One day I pointed this out to him. His response was ” If someone is suffering , it’s there own fault for not removing themselves from what is making them suffer. ”
    I believe they know and don’t care.

  2. ‘Pretending’ or in appearance showing affection ultimately towards an animal will take away or diffuse any doubt on whether a person is a true narcissist , i mean someone who likes/loves and shows feelings toward a ‘defenseless’ animal cant be a monster right? oh so very very VERY wrong that observation is and how commonly dangerous it is. It is another show for the face of a narc and animals predominately need care and show unconditional levels or care REGARDLESS of treatment you’ll find an animal that has been mistreated may cower but it will still try to beg , its a natural response for the animal to try diffused by being submissive RIGHT? Something a Narc predominately LOVES, they will Care about their supplies but that is to care about what THEY (the NARC) are getting from the relationship, whether 2 legged or 4 legged. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly CARING exchange.

  3. Yes, this describes my ex-husband. And, yet, eventually he too crossed over to the justification as mentioned in the previous post. My ex said, “You better get out when I tell you to because I don’t know how long that I will be able to control myself.”

  4. Absolutely! I was stymied as to how my ex could be so damaging to anyone and everyone yet have a soft spot for dogs….. Although, I witnessed his controlling character with them. He would get them excited then expect them to turn off like a light switch. I expect they will always be caring to animals because it is absolutely the only unconditional love they will receive.

  5. Because an animal is perfect for the narcissist. It loves him/her no matter what because it NEEDS him/her. I have two sisters-in-law who get along with animals much better than people. Treat family like dirt, but shower affection and love on their dogs. Dogs and other pets do not argue with you and do whatever you want as long as you feed them. I’m always suspicious of someone who cares more for animals than the people in their life. It’s a red light that they may have people problems.

  6. Their love and concern for the animal is only if they can get narc supply. I saw my ex write FB entries to his thousands of FB friends on how cruel people can be to animals and what a shame it is, but then two days later he grabbed my cat and shot her to death because he was angry at me…
    He is also “great with kids” when it is someone else’s kids and will post selfies of himself and our kids on FB and elsewhere, but he is not a safe place for kids.

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