Do They Know What They Are Doing?

Do They Know What They Are Doing?

When a narcissist is devaluing someone do they know how much they are hurting the other person?  Do they know what they’re doing?  Is it that they don’t care?


Typically they do know but it is about making themselves feel superior.  Many times after I would look back and have some regret, but then I know “she deserved it.”

We look at things differently and many times we do things that a “normal person” would not.  We do not look at life through the same glasses you do, ours are misshaped and warped, BUT, we look at it as normal and natural.

2 thoughts on “Do They Know What They Are Doing?

  1. and us that are with “you”…. who “you” have made love you for who you are…..
    We’re just supposed to be ok with the I don’t care….. attitude….
    I wrote this for my I don’t care man….. this morning.:

    When I first met you….
    you stood out to me.
    yes, perhaps it was the convict look…..
    and then I started watching you.
    I haven’t stopped watching you since.
    I watch the way you walk
    the way you work
    the way you relax
    the way you smoke.
    The way you sleep
    the way you make love.
    the way you take care of your kids.
    So very focused.
    So in control.
    I envy that.
    I wanted to write how much I apologize
    for saying what I said.
    I said it, hoping for a response.
    altho, not the one I got.
    I said it, hoping …………
    remember when you said that
    not touching
    ….. “if you were sitting beside someone,
    and not touching,
    you may as well not be there?”
    I need to touch emotionally.
    I need to feel that you want me around.
    I need to feel loved.
    I loved that you walked down with me to pick up the boys.
    LOVED that.
    LOVED bringing out all the summer stuff….
    it made me feel as tho,
    you were including me in your future.
    I am not as in control as you.
    I am passionate.
    I say things without thinking.
    I do things… without thinking.
    I as you say… “act like a kid” sometimes.
    When I moved in here…..
    I had in my mind, a future.
    you say… “It’s hard to have a future with someone who’s trying to leave”….
    I say… “its hard to have a future with someone you’re not sure even LIKES you…”
    it’s the look on your face.
    you say I always look like i’m mad….
    (damned resting bitch face)…. I’m hardly ever mad. frustrated, maybe…
    but you always look like you don’t care.
    and THAT….
    that, my dear, is what frustrates me.
    that you don’t care.
    that you would rather not be alive…
    than be alive with me….
    (even on a good day.)
    We have had good days… awesome days, days that … even now…
    bring a smile to my face.
    and we’ve had bad.
    the tears, the crying…. (on my part)
    you don’t do that.. of course.
    I guess…. what I’m trying to say is I love you.
    and I don’t really think you want me to leave.
    And….. I don’t want to leave, but if I have to, I will.
    And… don’t worry…. I never stay where i’m not wanted.
    and it won’t take six months.
    maybe 47.
    (come on…. relax… a joke…. haha)

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