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👄 We know that a narcissist will go to any lengths to win in court.  When it comes to a custody battle with a narcissistic partner, they will go to extreme lengths to prove the mental instability of their ex partner.  Fighting to win a custody battle may not be because they love their children but to hurt their partner one more time.  In such cases lies are common place but it has been brought to my attention that the unlawful administration of drugs may be a practice used by these disordered individuals.  Is this something any of you have come across?  I received the following message from someone on the page.

‘My narcissistic former partner has been paying people to spike me with substances that cause insomnia which leads to me have to admit myself in a psych ward to get some sleep which consequentially means the Family Court won’t allow me to see my kids. I gave met many other women in psych wards that are victims of spiking abuse also but no one will believe us & they assume we are imagining it & are crazy which is our abusers intent. I’ve been trying to find out about this phenomena online & found nothing so I’m curious to know how widespread this form of abuse is & if there is any literature available on this form of abuse.’

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  1. My mom is trying to use the fact that her narcissistic ways and emotional abuse for the past 38 years led me to attempt suicide because of her as a way that I am unstable to take care of my kids. Then she is becoming delusional with her own thoughts that she is telling my own children that I am emotionally abusing them and to call the police. Just so she can try and get them away from me. They are the reason I stopped myself from committing suicide and the reason I live everyday to the fullest. When one of my kids realized that he wanted out a few months back from her I finally stood up to her to protect my child. Now she is manipulating him back into her fold and turning him against me to get him back under her control.

  2. My son’s wife was drugging him with methamphetamines and her own insulin in his food. He wondered why he couldn’t sleep and he has PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury suffered in Iraqi war. She even shot him on one occasion in the back and blamed it on him. He finally flipped out after being up days and she put him in jail for abuse after she beat him. He’s finally out, but her family is putting all kinds of blame on him. Granted, he didn’t do right, but she kept him away from his family for 17 years with her antics. My husband and I are now trying to get the children who are in Foster Care in another state. It’s awful, but he’s finally fighting back. The kids are torn because she makes them feel guilty. Yes, there are many female narcissts out there!!!

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