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👄 Do you think narcissism is on the increase in today’s society?

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  1. I was in a relationship with a woman 28 years old. for 6 years off and on and we still talk and see each other. She had a baby just a year old. I am currently engaged to get married. But she has returned to my life again to pursue me. She has every cruel trait a narcissist would have in her persona. She has now lost her job, has no home, and was involved in drugs and abusive relationships. Criminal activity and drugs. This is not the person I knew or fell in love with. She is now trying to get her life back together. She has hit rock bottom. Has no choice but to change or lose her daughter. Now 6 years of age. Moving place to place. She is my ultimate weakness, she is my fantasy, her potential is amazing to be good person. Do i help her the 1 last time. TO risk it all losing everything. She caused me to cheat once on my fiance. Emotionally involved with her is cheating regardless. I do have some narcissistic tendencies myself. I feel i deserve this punishment. I know its not right. Why can’t i just let go. I try, just cant do it. I do love her. I raised her daughter and she call me daddy. I have a big heart. Can be very emotional. I have anxiety and my mind races constantly. I had to go to therapy and meds to deal with it. Insecurities, in-inadequacies up n down emotions. Is it harder for guys to let go. I do have a very large sexual appetite. But, when im satisfied and feel that connection my desires and temptations are met. Im as happy as can be. She just how to manipulate me. Use my heart against me. with guilt. So frustrating. Just feel like a weak person. im 42 trying to build my life have a family and be stable. no more starting over. Finish my goals. achieve my dreams. create eternal memories. I feel like me time will be short.

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